Floral Couture

As a founder of my own brand, I always get along with other directors from other independent brands. We share a lot with each other as well as supporting each other. @jimmychanhonchuen, my hair stylist, is definitely one of them that I always give support to. He not only loves to work on hairstyle, but he also puts his creativity a step further and blends it into floral patterns, and created his own fashion line @lianafloral. Featuring an assortment of floral print hoodies, the brand uses premium material and special packaging as their signature, which made a name for themselves in the market real quick. 

In a very common way, people always think that we have to eliminate the competitors in order to win. Personally, it's not applicable to the industry in Hong Kong. Living with this generation, we have to team up and get stronger, especially sorting out a way to survive in this money oriented city. Every time Jimmy and I meet in the salon, we share a tons of stories about our brands in terms of the effort and resources we put in. No matter how harsh it is, "Keep it up!" is always our words to support each other and other contributors in the industry. To all independent brands and fashion geeks: Keep it up everyone! 

自從創立了自己品牌之後,經常與其他同路人(獨立品牌主理人)交流及互相鼓勵,我的髮型師 @jimmychanhonchuen 就是其中一人。一對巧手除了精於髮型,也愛花道,融入時裝概念創立floral couture @lianafloral ,如今再將花卉帶回fashion,將他的作品化作 @lianafloranista floral print衛衣。不死floral print繼續盛行,而Jimmy亦不交行貨,用料、cutting到位,包裝也精美得叫人心花怒放。