Sunglasses report part 2

@hachill, Hong Kong local brand, it is sort of a must have item for fashion lovers due to its special material, pattern and simple design. With more colors and designs for the upcoming season, I'm sure no one should miss it out! 

A lot of you may question yourself if wearing sunglasses is a thing to act like a star, and many of you might only wear one when you are out of town. In fact, it is just an accessory. If you are comfortable with your appearance, why do you have to care too much about others? Let's put your sunglasses on!


glasses part 2

@hachill 本地熱捧,“黑超”代表!本地潮人靚人最少一人一副,因為靚款靚料好襯集於一身。Pattern、顏色大膽玩味,作簡單配襯已經好stand out。來季更多好玩cutting,值得期待!