Renewal of possibility - Gucci SS16 Preview

With the arrival of fall season, Gucci has introduced its Spring Summer 16 Collection and made a loud statement with the pieces. Alessandro Michele continues to surprise us with his creativity and stunning craftsmanship skills. The season is highly rooted in the theme of “Détournement”, and is set to bring the timeless pieces from 60s-70s back to the present in a rather modern way, that takes vintage design to a whole new level.

The collection features a wide range of items that come with plant/animal embroidery and print. With the vintage cut and lining, all the pieces provide a vintage and clean design. Standout items include several alluring shirts, leather jacket that reflects detail lining and craftsmanship and most importantly a pair of fluffy loafers. Before getting ready for Spring Summer, make sure you mark your calendar and include them into your wishlist!

“我印象中…”我們對事物的既定印象,以印象來作判斷,往往實在得來帶點虛無。Alessandro Michele就再一次打破既有印象,為Gucci帶來全新官感。SS16男裝以“二次創作”為主題,將整個年代設定回到印象中的6、70年代,卻以現代手法重新演繹。

整個系列洋溢瑰麗玩味,大量精細的動植物刺繡、圖案,配合復古的線條,重新打造昔日的美好時光。目光再一次被多件結帶裇衫吸引,簡單而華麗;皮褸的細節盡show craftsmanship,好玩具創意而不落俗套;還有載譽歸來的毛毛鞋…於是我們對今季Gucci都留下最美麗的印象,還留下最實在的春夏wishlist!