C1 inspiration: Easy winter with Ports1961

After visiting Vietnam, I have just noticed that winter exists in such a tropical city. Although it wasn't freezing cold in Vietnam, the rainy days made me feel like getting cold. All of my shorts and tank tops couldn't be worn, and also because of the sharp drop of temperature in Hong Kong, all of my fall winter apparel made a welcome return officially!

If you wanna have a stylish and eye catching outfit for the season, let's take a quick look of my favourite picks and kick off the season together.

Bomber jacket is one of the best outerwear for skinny guys, as it helps to give extra shape and volume to your body, which also works the best with black & white tee/turtleneck shirt. Another must have outerwear includes a black color coat that comes with long and slim fit cutting, which also goes well with your outfit. For bottoms, I would go for a pair of pants that plays with pattern. Ports1961 Fall Winter Collection features the above items that every guy should add them into their winter wardrobe.

Are you ready to pick them up?


如果你和大褸、厚褸、樽領衫生疏了,修補關係就由幾個冬天must have入門開始吧!Bomber jacket個人認為是瘦男恩物,因為可以增強volume感,最classic黑白配色襯件淨色tshirt/樽領衫輕鬆演繹casual chic;黑色coat永恆百搭,穩陣同時可向細節著眼,物料挺身cutting修長為首選;一條型格pattern褲可以成為造型亮點,突顯個人風格。今季Ports1961這幾個items都是我easy winter之選,簡單、masculine的線條讓每位男生都可以輕鬆look cool!