Louis Vuitton City Guide and C1 Shopping Guide

I always want to be a traveler instead of a tourist. The difference between them is that a traveler discovers the elegance and deeper side of the city instead of worships the landmarks of a city. It is always perfect to have a local friend with you when you are out of town. Not only showing you around, but also sharing something in common together. Even in Hong Kong, I want to have that “friend” with me to explore the undiscovered places and come up with some better weekend ideas. “Louis Vuitton City Guide” has long been my best partner. It is comprised of numerous of guides and suggestions from distinct international journalists. This year, the brand is set to introduce its guide in digital version (App), which brings its functionality to the next level. Before travelling with it, let’s take a look of my favorite accessories from Louis Vuitton!

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Dora Soft Monogram
A fusion of black and red monogram which comes with strong rock band vibes. It is a must-cop contemporary item for both female and male fashionista.

Pochette Monogra
Stunning and eye-catching colorways that features a two-tone color design. Easy to carry and sharpen your outfit.

Signature Stole
Features a sharp and alluring red color with signature LV pattern. Casual chic vibes.

Pochette Louise PM
LV buckle that comes with contemporary esthetic. Ladies shall find it elegant as a mini shoulder bag while guys may use it as a pouch.

晚晚看著“Do姐去Shopping”,探索每個城市的優雅、極緻一面,我們都愛當traveller而不是tourist,於是我們都學會向名勝紀念品說不。每次旅遊都嚮往有位品味相若的當地朋友帶路,甚或在香港也想發握更好的weekend ideas,其實這位朋友一直都在,他就是Louis Vuitton。十多年來一直出版Louis Vuitton City Guide,由各地的journalists撰寫切合LV味品態度的熱點,今年更增設app版本,這個朋友來得更user-friendly。跟他出發之前,我挑選幾件Louis Vuitton的accessories,來個C1 Shopping Guide!


Dora Soft Monogram

Pochette Monogram
色彩濃郁迷人,兩則tone on tone絨毛monogram物料配搭時尚,極易carry之選。

Signature Stole
奪目幾何印花,輕易成為造型亮點,散發casual chic味道。

Pochette Louise PM