shoe game on - jimmy choo x mrporter

It’s amazing how well my day went yesterday.

AM: It all started with a gift from Jimmy Choo delivered to my door in the morning. It’s a pair of blue marble patent tasselled loafers – extremely stunning and elegant shoes.  

PM: I’m all excited to spend my afternoon thinking what to wear to match the shoes. Turns out its extremely easy – it’s a pair of shoes that basically match anything!  

PM: Team up and party with my C2 team (Alfred, Bot, Becky & Karen) at a hip/unique place away from central city.  Every woman in the party reminds me of Carrie Bradshaw who wear their shoes on screen in Sex & City all the time since 2000. It was truly a doubtlessly perfect evening.

Thanks for having me and my C2 team, we had so much fun at the Jimmy Choo x MRPORTER party, pretty shoes and bubbles at the hip studio in Chai Wan makes a remarkable night for me & all Jimmy Choo shoe lovers!