c.crew at j.crew times square store opening


Congratulations on opening your new store at Times Square! J.crew fans can now enjoy one-stop shopping ('the boys and girls co-shopping') experience for the first time here in Hong Kong. 

A remarkable evening at the opening party with my C2 team: Barrett Leung, Afa Lee, Alfred Nil, Rose Chow and Becky Chan in the spacious designed store filled with wonderful people, tasty food and drinks. The team were delighted to be invited and dressed by J.Crew. I like the fact that everyone wears what they want and mix it in their own way to show their own personal sense of style. 

My special thanks goes to also the professional team at J.Crew for their suggestion to wear a traditional bow tie. Now I know a grown man should never HAVE to wear a pre-tied one!

Thanks again both J.Crew Hong Kong and Mazarine Asia Pacific for having us!