The F Fantasy - Salvatore Ferragamo

Outtakes from the latest online campaign for Salvatore Ferragamo, celebrating their Canton Road store reopening.

Photo by Laurent Segretier
Styling by Kim Bui Kollar

Special thanks to Hashtag Legend, Social Capital, The Upper House Hong Kong

Highlight moments at the party of High Tech Botanical at Asia Society, exhibiting the finest work by Paul Andrew, Woman's Creative Director for Salvatore Ferragamo, with the presence of himself.  Followed by the behind the scenes from the shooting day.

Dreaming The ERDEM X H&M Dream

This year, H&M has teamed up with London-based designer Erdem Moralıoğlu for its latest collaboration. Drawing inspiration from memories, design signatures and the English countryside, the collection is bursting with beauty, delicacy and rich details.
     “It’s very personal”, says Erdem. “The collection reinterprets some of the codes that have defined my work over the past decade, and it’s also inspired by film, music… things I loved growing up.”
     Sharp tailoring echoes the silhouettes of his father’s suits and coats, dramatic dresses demonstrate his love for classic cinema, whilst expressive florals are reminiscent of the exquisite prints used in his catwalk collections.
     “I’ve always been fascinated by the language of femininity, whether it’s lace or flowers or the aesthetics of beauty”, says Erdem.
     For H&M, Erdem has designed a capsule wardrobe of romantic, totally modern womenswear, an accessories line and — for the first time ever — a collection for men.
     ERDEM x H&M will be available online and in 220 stores worldwide from 2 November 2017.

A Blue And White Getaway

It felt like ages since I truly went on a real vacation as I could barely stay behind for long during business trips. So, particularly excited for this Phuket trip, I was finally experiencing the ultra relaxing COMO Point Yamu. Located at Cape Yamu, the eastern side of Phuket, the sui generis spot was a 30-minute distance from downtown. A total stay of 4 days 3 nights simply at the resort was leisurely thanks to its comprehensive facilities.

Arriving COMO by personal pickup transport from the airport, the contrast of its light grey loft style and the skyline first caught my eyes. The clean and edgy minimal chic interior stood out from typical luxurious tropical-themed resorts. Phang Nga Suite we stayed in was bigger and cozier as expected. Surrounded by a balcony, the 360°sea view compensated the heavy rain (It made me miss the chance to hit COMO’s private island, the Beach Club tho). Anyway, spa, happy hours and Muay Thai kept me satisfied. Two chic restaurants there offered high-quality cuisine as proportional to prices. Salty coconut ice cream was a must-have.

Thought I would have no luck with the sun throughout Cape Yamu as it was still pouring during breakfast, the sudden clear up completed my vacation and got me in the pool for 2 hours (and burnt). Within control, apart from the voice induced by renovation of the main building, COMO Point Yamu aced it in every aspect; Without, just put your optimism and hope together, you will eventually get the light.

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回顧自己今年其實出過不少trip,但全部business trip最多stay behind幾日,真正放鬆去旅行的感覺好像久違了。特別期待今次布吉之行,早在instagram上看過COMO Point Yamu的極chill設計,終於可以親身體驗。座落布吉東邊Cape Yamu,可以說是自成一國也是山旮旯,離市中心約30分鐘車程,但因為配套完善,4日3夜只留守resort也挺優哉游哉。
由酒店專車機場直送到酒店,眼睛先吃冰淇淋,淺灰色工業風建築與海岸線形成對比,整個室內設計花盡心思,走簡約時尚味道,潔白具空間感,相比一般奢華亞熱帶風情resort來得有型。我們入住的是Phang Nga Suite,比想象中更大更舒適,整間房被露台包圍,有360°海景。盡情享受這房間每一吋,去彌補2天大雨無法外出,可恨是錯過了到COMO的私家島Beach Club玩水,但個天還是鍾意我的,做spa、嘆happy hour、學打泰拳也是好玩寫意。兩間餐廳都各具型格,消費偏高但食物水準也高,推介必試帶點咸香的椰子雪糕。
以為今次與陽光無緣,最後一天早餐時間還是大雨,卻突然放晴,興奮得在泳池玩足兩小時,忘了塗防曬曬得皮膚火紅,總算圓滿一個度假之旅。在控制範圍內的, 除了主樓的優化裝修工程比較嘈雜,COMO Point Yamu各方面都得分極高;控制範圍外的,希望在明天,心中放晴自然會見到陽光。

即享訂房折扣: PROCOMOS

Have A Sip Of The Beautiful Perry Ellis Watch

“I like to think of myself as a connoisseur whether it’s art, fashion or of course, wine with its complex flavours and bold, rich colours. It’s those beautiful shades of gold and plum that first drew me to these two stunning new watch designs from Perry Ellis.

The Ruby is a standout piece – I haven’t seen this colour anywhere before and it’s the perfect statement accessory. The Gold is my other favourite. It’s so chic and contrasts beautifully against black and white. Depending on my mood, I can interchange the straps to create a completely different look. I really love these timepieces and they’re so affordable too. They definitely reflect the Perry Ellis brand inspiration; fashion is fun and should never be taken too seriously”.

The limited edition Ruby and Gold are available exclusively to my first 50 readers.


初次接觸到Perry Ellis的手錶,已教我色心起,色澤有如紅白酒,透亮醉人。兩款都是柔順易入喉的選擇,全burgundy的組合市場上少見,monotone設計是非常突出的時尚配飾;金錶是不少人喜歡的時尚造型,簡單的襯黑白型格look就已經夠亮眼。試勻兩款美酒,的確教我心醉,時尚好襯而且定價宜人,帶有Perry Ellis的時尚玩味基因,是日常穿搭襯衫之選。