About Charles lam 


From model to blogger, Charles’ unique way of presenting himself and his style has caught the eye of fashion and media personalities alike. The distinctive point of view towards fashion and beauty has earned him a huge fan base from all over the world, further sparking his determination in sharing his vision and influencing other people in a positive way.

Sometimes nonchalant yet always passionate about putting a personal spin on presenting designer’s work, the digital fashionisto has come a long way to channel his sharp mod flair into cementing his status in event appearance, as a frequent guest of Paris Fashion Week and SIHH, and as an exclusive collaborator with international brands. His pioneering social media presence and curated sensibility are increasingly coveted by the most acclaimed labels including IWC, Hermes, and Dior Homme.

In an ever-changing world of fashion, Charles’ innate creativity and production talent flourish without missing a beat. He blends his own wit and fashion wisdom in writing and sharing via various channels like Ming’s, Men’s Uno, Harper’s Bazaar, and Platinum Magazine. In 2016, Charles co-authored the book <Behind The Scene> with Hong Kong actress Anjalia Chan, sharing the hard work and perseverance all that contributes to succeeding despite the changing dynamics of modeling, blogging, and acting industry. In PFW18, he took video production to the next level and joined hands with Hashtag Legend in providing first-hand fashion week insights. 

In 2018, Charles has set the bar higher by partnering with high fashion labels and executing his design duties that are yet to be anticipated.